The Long Acre Tavern

American fare with classic cocktails and top quality beer.

In 1904 The New York Times moved its headquarters to Longacre Square, in their honor Mayor McClellan changed the name to Times Square. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Long Acre Tavern offers great American fare with classic cocktails and top quality beer. With over two floors of multipurpose space we can provide both private and semi private event areas. Our state of the art audio and video system affords customers with the best sports bar experience in the area.

“Mayor McClellan yesterday signed the resolution adopted by the board of alderman on Tuesday last changing the name of Long Acre Square to that of Times Square. The resolution which Mayor McClellan has signed becomes operative at once, and authorizes the President of the Borough of Manhattan to take such steps in the matter as may be proper. This includes the alteration of the street signs. Times Square takes the triangle on which the new building of The New York Times is situated, and the name applies to the entire section between Fort-second and Forty-seventh Streets, Broadway and Seventh Avenue.”

New York Times, April 9, 1904